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Within AIM Awards Skills for Employment & Further Learning this RQF unit has 2 credits at L1 and 3 credits at L2. From December 1st this RQF unit will be also available as an SFA-funded standalone qualification.


  • Energy & Resources
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Transport
  • Sustainability
  • Globalisation



ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY gives knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of sustainability and environmental impacts. The  learner is introduced to  key  issues  in  sustainability,  raising  awareness  of  the  topic  and encouraging them to consider their role in helping to make sustainable choices. Learners successfully completing this course should achieve the corresponding unit in SFA-Funded AIM Awards RQF L1 & L2 Award in Skills for Employment & Further Learning (Ofqual No. 600/9911/2).

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•    Ofsted CIF §§166-167 ‘online learning’


•    On-demand Offer
•    HR Savings
•    Flexibility (incl. Distance Learning Model)
•    No Preparation, Teaching or Marking

 Learning & Achievement

•    Learner Success Rates (97-100% First-Time Achievement)
•    Measurable Outcomes
•    Formative & Summative Assessments for ILR
•    Consistency of Quality Assurance - All Learners
•    AIM Awards RQF Accreditation


•    Apprenticeships
•    Job Centre Plus Learners
•    Tutorial Systems
•    Safeguarding
•    Enrichment
•    Induction