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This link leads to Module 1  Job Seeking Skills (Some browsers require link to be copied and pasted into Internet Explorer).


Within AIM Awards Skills for Employment & Further Learning & AIM Awards Employability Skills this RQF unit has 3 credits at L1.


·         What Is Involved In Job Searching
·         Matching Personal Skills & Abilities With Different Jobs
·         Applying For A Job
·         Interview Skills And Procedures

 JOB SEEKING SKILLS introduces the skills necessary for job search, how to match own skills, abilities ad attributes to the requirements for a job the how to apply for a job. Learners successfully completing this course should achieve the corresponding unit in the following SFA-Funded qualifications:

·         AIM Awards RQF L1 Award in Skills for Employment & Further Learning (Ofqual No. 600/9911/2)
·         AIM Awards RQF L1 Extended Award in Skills for Employment & Further Learning (Ofqual No. 600/9916/1)
·         AIM Awards RQF L1 Certificate in Skills for Employment & Further Learning (Ofqual No. 600/9912/4)
·         AIM Awards RQF Extended Award in Employability Skills (Ofqual No. 603/1489/8)
·         AIM Awards RQF Certificate in Employability Skills (Ofqual No. 603/1491/6)

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