Keeping costs to a minimum, over 200 centres have employed our e-Learning to achieve these strategic objectives:

•    Guaranteed Success Rates 97-100% First-Time
•    HR Savings – No Teaching & No Marking 
•    Independent, Self-Directed Learning (FELTAG) 
•    Precise Reporting – Complete VLE Audit Trail  
•    Ofsted - CIF Safeguarding Requirements
•    Consistency of ‘Cross-College’ Learning

The current portfolio includes 10 short courses. Links to sample material and content are given in black:

This link leads to Module 8 ‘Cyberbullying’ from Internet Safety (Market Leader 2013-2014).

Learners navigate by Forward/Reverse and must interact via ‘hot spots’ and activities to progress. Each module requires c.20 minutes.

e-Learning is in 6-8 ‘bite-sized’ modules. Successful learners may sit corresponding AIM L1 or L2 QCF awards.