Free eTutorial Resources 2019-2020

In Academic Year 2019-2020 Capital Tutorials is making available 20 interactive eLearning modules FREE-OF-CHARGE for tutorial-use cross-college and for CPD.

All 20 modules have OFF-THE-SHELF content, and software marks multiple choice tests, thus NO PREPARATION, NO TEACHING OR NO MARKING is required.

Modules require 20-25mins and MEASURABLE OUTCOMES mean SMT and Ofsted reports are generated automatically.

Modules are in line with the most recent guidelines in Ofsted CIF and are mapped to ESFA-funded qualifications. To request software press OPEN FORM at the foot of the page.

The calendar below shows themes and titles of eLearning module provided. Please click on ‘FREE RESOURCES THEMES’ in main menu for further information on each initiative.

Term 1 (October, November & December)        

United Nations Day (24th October)    
‘Introduction to Environmental Sustainability’  

One World Week (20th - 27th October)        
‘Importance of Respecting Diversity in Society’

Responsible Gambling Week  (7th - 13th November)

Alcohol Awareness Week (11th - 17th November)      
‘Difference in Types & Strengths of Alcohol’

Road Safety Week (18th - 24th November)      

Global Entrepreneurship Week  (18th - 24th November)        
‘Being Enterprising’

Social History  
‘Living Conditions in 60s and today’

Term 2 (January, February, March & April)     

New Year’s Resolutions (January)
‘Lifestyle Factors’

New Year’s Resolutions (January)

 New Year’s Resolutions (January)        
‘What Underpins Success’

International Internet Safety Day (11th February)      ‘
Mobile Phones & Gaming’

Job Applications          
‘What a CV is used for’

UN Word Health Day (7th April)
‘Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle’

Term 3 (May, June & July)    

United Nations World Day for Safety & Health at Work (28th April)
‘Hazards & Risks’

Mental Health Awareness Week (18th - 24th May)        
‘Improving Our Mental Well-being’

Starting Work
‘Employment Responsibilities & Rights’

Starting Work
‘Benefits to an Organisation of Good Customer Service’

United Nations World Food Safety Day (7th June)    
’Bugs & Bacteria’ 

British Nutrition Foundation Healthy Eating Week (10th - 14th June)     
‘Healthy Eating’ 

United Nations Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking (26th June)  
‘Differences Between Types of Drugs’