Safer Internet Day (SID) is organised in February each year to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially among children and young people across the world.

In relation to this day we are making these two e-Learning modules available for your learners and staff completely FREE-OF-CHARGE:

'Mobile Phones & On-line Gaming'

The modules have ‘off-the-shelf’ indicative content, and software marks multiple choice tests at the end of each module, thus NO PREPARATION, TEACHING OR MARKING is required. Each module requires 20-25mins to complete. MEASURABLE OUTCOMES mean SMT and Ofsted reports can be generated automatically.

These modules are in line with the most recent Ofsted CIF (August 2015) §§166-167 concerned with learners participating in ‘online learning’ and ‘virtual learning environments’ (VLE).


Cyberbullying is rife on the internet and most young people will experience it or see it at some time. In a recent 56% of young people said they have seen others be bullied online and 42% have felt unsafe online. Cyber bullying can happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it can go viral very fast. This module covers the following:

Human Rights & Types of Bullying
The Law & Cyberbullying
Victims of Cyberbullying
Sexting (incl. CEOP Video 'Exposed')
Safeguarding Policies in Schools & Colleges

Follow the link to view the module. Navigation is by 'forward/reverse' and interaction via 'hot spots': Cyberbullying


Young people are increasingly at risk when using phones and while gaming on-line. This module covers the following:

Mobile Phone Security & Apps
Anti-virus Software
Changing Phones
Console Games

Follow the link below to view the modules. Navigation is by 'forward/reverse' and interaction via 'hot spots'.  Mobile Phones & On-line Games

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AIM Awards Skills for Employment & Further Learning (SEFL) – SFA Funding Information

These modules are included in the e-Learning for AIM Awards QCF L1 Internet Safety for IT users, part of the generously SFA-funded AIM Awards Skills for Employment & Further Learning (SEFL).

All programmes may be delivered and awarded entirely via e-Learning and e-Assessment.

Learner Registration Fees (LRF) cover all costs of delivery and awarding (i.e. registration, e-Learning, e-Assessment, QA and certification).

AIM Awards Qualification QCF L1 CR GLH Learning Aim Reference Learner Registration Fee (LRF) SFA Funding
Award in SEFL 6 46-60 60099112 £45.00 £300.00
Extended Award SEFL 9 73-90 60099161 £64.00 £450.00
Certificate SEFL 15 124-150 60099124 £105.00 £724.00

For further information please follow this link: SFA Funded e-Learning . If you would like to contact us by e-mail please follow this link Contact Us . Alternatively, please call Simon Hilton on 07711 228069.