CAPITAL TUTORIALS e-Learning is chosen for these reasons:


•    No Minimum or Maximum Cohort Size
•    On-demand Offer & HR Savings
•    Flexibility (incl. Distance Learning Model)
•    No Preparation, Teaching or Marking

Learning & Achievement

•    Learner Success (97-100% First-Time Achievement)
•    Measurable Outcomes
•    Consistency of Quality Assurance - All Learners


•    Ofsted CIF (August 2015) §§166-167 ‘online learning’
•    FELTAG – ‘self-directed, independent e-Learning

AIM Awards Skills for Employment and Further Learning (SEFL)

SEFL is listed on Section 96 by Department of Education for learners 16-18 and attracts generous SFA-funding for learners aged 19+. SEFL covers a wide range of subject areas, devised for progression into further learning and/or employment.  The diverse range of units create individualised programmes giving learners opportunities for personal development and vocational experience.

The Learner Registration Fee (LRF) covers all costs (i.e. registration, e-Learning, e-Assessment, QA and certification).

AIM Awards QCF L1 Credits GLH Learning Aim Ref. Fee SFA Funding
Award in SEFL 6 46-60 60099112 £45 £300
Extended Award in SEFL 9 73-90 60099161 £64 £450
Certificate in SEFL 15 124-150 60099124 £105 £724

Please see details below for the individual units and credits in SEFL. Where applicable, unit-funding is becoming available:

QCF Unit Level CR QCF Ref. No.
Internet Safety for IT users L1 3 D/508/0135
Recognising & Supporting Equality & Diversity at Work L1 3 R/508/0732
Understanding Employment, Business and Enterprise L1 2 F/506/9807
Environmental Sustainability L1 2 R/508/0133
Environmental Sustainability L2 3 Y/508/0134
Healthy Lifestyles L1 2 F/508/0130
Personal Finances L1 3 R/504/8640
Food Safety & Storage L1 2 R/504/8931
Health & Safety Awareness in a Working Environment L1 1 L/504/8233
Health & Safety in Construction L1 3 K/505/0541
Principles of Care, Organisational Policies &Role of Care Worker L1 3 A/504/9040
Understanding the Business of Retail L1 1 A/502/5756

Additionally, two AIM Awards qualifications attract SFA funding of £65.00 for learners in receipt of JSA/ESA(WRAG)/Universal Credit (mandated) and OLASS learners:

AIM Awards QCF L2 Award in Health & Safety in the Workplace 

AIM Awards QCF L2 Award in Food Safety in Catering 60082197  

The Learner Registration Fee of £30.00 covers all costs of delivery and awarding (i.e. registration, e-Learning, e-Assessment, QA and certification.