Features Overview

Capital Tutorials provides VLE-based interactive e-Learning programmes for colleges, schools, academies, adult learning services, and the justice sector in England & Wales. Programmes lead to AIM Awards Ofqual-regulated qualifications which are generously funded by ESFA.

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Capital Tutorials programmes fit all curriculum areas and are attractively priced independent e-Learning solutions for:

•    Apprenticeships
•    Job Centre Plus Learners
•    Tutorial Systems
•    Safeguarding
•    Enrichment
•    Induction
•    Ofsted Common Inspection Framework 

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Capital Tutorials programmes are hosted on your VLE and include:

•    Internet Safety
•    Personal Finance
•    Employment Business & Enterprise
•    Environmental Sustainability
•    Healthy Lifestyles
•    Health & Safety in A Working Environment
•    Equality & Diversity
•    Food Safety in Catering
•    Health & Safety in A Construction Environment

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Capital Tutorials VLE-based interactive e-Learning programmes are chosen by colleges, schools and academies for these reasons:

•    Ofsted CIF §§166-167 ‘online learning’
•    FELTAG – ‘self-directed, independent e-Learning

•    On-demand Offer
•    HR Savings
•    Flexibility (incl. Distance Learning Model)
•    No Preparation, Teaching or Marking

Learning & Achievement
•    Learner Success Rates (97-100% First-Time Achievement)
•    Measurable Outcomes
•    Formative & Summative Assessments for ILR
•    Consistency of Quality Assurance - All Learners
•    AIM Awards QCF Accreditation