Drug Awareness

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This link leads to Module 1 Difference Between Types of Drugs (Some browsers require link to be copied and pasted into Internet Explorer).


Within AIM Awards Personal & Social Development Skills this RQF unit has 3 credits at L1.


Differences Between Types of Drugs

Causes of Drug Misuse

Physical and Psychological Effects of Drug Misuse

Impact That Drug Misuse May Have on Others

Health Issues Associated with Drug Misuse

Effects of Withdrawing from Drugs

Agencies Offering Help and Information on Drug Misuse

DRUGS AWARENESS introduces learners to the types of drug available, their effect on users and the impact of drug misuse on those linked to drug user, the user’s own health and finally, issues associated with withdrawal from drug use.

Learners successfully completing this course should achieve the corresponding unit in the following SFA-Funded qualifications:

Award in Personal & Social Development Skills (Ofqual No. 603/1517/9)

Extended Award in Personal & Social Development Skills (Ofqual No. 603/1518/0)

Certificate in Personal & Social Development Skills (Ofqual No. 603/1519/2)