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Within AIM Awards Level 1 Skills for Working in Construction and Building Industries this RQF unit has 6 credits at Level 1.


How to Identify Information Used in The Work Place
Environmental Considerations in Relation to Construction
Construction of Foundations
Construction of Internal & External Walls
Construction of Floors
Construction of Roofs
How to Communicate in The Workplace 


PRINCIPLES OF BUILDING CONSTRUCTION, INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION provides the learner with an understanding of information sources used in the construction industry and develops their understanding of environmental considerations and a knowledge of constructing foundations, walls, floors and roofs. The learner will also develop knowledge of communication skills. Learners successfully completing this course should achieve the corresponding unit in the following SFA-Funded qualifications:

AIM Awards Level 1 Extended Award in Skills for Working in Construction and Building Industries (Ofqual No. 603/1693/7)
AIM Awards Level 1 Certificate in Skills for Working in Construction & Building (Ofqual No. 603//1693/7)