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At the request of centres this VLE-hosted interactive e-Learning module has been made available as a standalone non-qualification course. 

This module, provided FREE-OF-CHARGE for unlimited usage by both learners and staff at your centre, takes c.25 minutes to complete.


This module covers the following:

·         The way people gamble
·         The reasons why we gamble
·         How betting & gambling companies make money
·         Dreams and fantasies of gambling
·         True gambling stories
·         Technology / online gambling
·         How to avoid becoming an addict
·         Contacts and further information

Members of staff wishing to view this course on-line should click on this link: Gambling  .To request VLE e-Learning software select ‘OPEN FORM’ and submit the completed form.

For further information on SFA-funded e-Learning courses please see the information below or telephone Simon Hilton on 07711 228069.The materials are supplied FREE-OF-CHARGE with no obligation to buy any products.