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Within L1 AIM Awards Employment Skills unit has 3 credits. 


  • Equality & Diversity

  • Recognising Equality & Diversity

  • Equality & Diversity & The Law

  • Best Practice

EQUALITY & DIVERSITY introduces the learner to the principles of Equality and Diversity and its importance in organisations such as the workplace and learning environments. It provides an understanding of the legal and moral obligations of an employee to recognise best practice. The learner will gain knowledge of current legislation which makes the law more consistent, clearer and easier to follow in order to make society fairer. Learners completing this course should achieve the corresponding unit in:

Award in Employability Skills  (Ofqual No. 603/1488/)
Extended Award in Employability Skills (Ofqual No. 603/1489/8)
Certificate in Employability Skills (Ofqual No. 603/1490/4)
Extended Certificate in Employability Skills (Ofqual No. 603/1492/8) 

CAPITAL TUTORIALS VLE-based interactive e-Learning programmes are chosen by colleges, schools and academies for these reasons:


•    Ofsted CIF §§166-167 ‘online learning’
•    FELTAG – ‘self-directed, independent e-Learning


•    On-demand Offer
•    HR Savings
•    Flexibility (incl. Distance Learning Model)
•    No Preparation, Teaching or Marking

 Learning & Achievement

•    Learner Success Rates (97-100% First-Time Achievement)
•    Measurable Outcomes
•    Formative & Summative Assessments for ILR
•    Consistency of Quality Assurance - All Learners
•    AIM Awards QCF Accreditation


•    Apprenticeships
•    Job Centre Plus Learners
•    Tutorial Systems
•    Safeguarding
•    Enrichment
•    Induction